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Cranberry Rum Fudge is the Fudge I dream of and the Fudge that stays on my mind after my first bite.  Rich cranberry flavour, creamy, sweet with just the right amount of rum. This product weighs 4 ozs.

Cranberry Rum Fudge-WSP$3.95-MSRP $7.25

1 Gram
  • Wow! This delectable Fudge was created in small batches in order to preserve the true flavours of what Gourmet Fudge Candy should be. It is absolutely scrumptious! Full of flavour. It is rich, dense, creamy and smooth on the palate. This takes our product to a whole new level of Tasty. Filled with big Cranberry Raisins which makes this fudge chewy and satisfying. Here is a product that you will enjoy as an adult and is perfect for all young children, teenagers, and all those who have a sweet tooth. Made with the freshest, real, and premium ingredients.

     (4 ozs) (servings 16-20 ).

    0.25 lbs. Available for Curbside pick up or delivery within the Durham Region


    Shelf life 6 months unopen. Open shelf-life-1 month. 

    For quality freshness, keep your delicious Fudge in a jar or securely wrapped in parchment paper and store in a cool dry spot, until completely consumed. We know that won't be a problem
    : ) Refrigerated shelf- life 2 weeks.

    Locally made in Clarington, Ontario. Made in Canada.

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    *Prices are subject to change without notice

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